The Crowdwire



The Crowdwire was created to provide fresh insights into the 2012 presidential election and other topics through data-driven analysis of the social-media conversation.

It’s a project of Bluefin Labs, a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based social TV analytics company. Bluefin grew out of the MIT Media Lab and the pioneering research of Deb Roy, director of the lab’s Cognitive Machines Group.

The Crowdwire is a non-commercial project that aims to make a contribution to the public discourse. It has no ties to any political party or campaign and seeks to be unbiased. Likewise, Bluefin has no business relationship with any party, campaign, PAC or other political organization. 

William Powers, The Crowdwire’s director, is an award-winning journalist and New York Times-bestselling author with extensive experience writing about media and politics.