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UPDATE: Romney Brand Overtakes iPhone

Mitt Romney has stepped out of the iPhone’s shadow.

When The Crowdwire launched a few weeks back, we showed you how Obama and Romney stack up against major consumer brands. As we noted, presidential candidates compete against other brands for the public’s attention. Why not dig into the social-media data - which reveals what millions of people are talking and thinking about at any given moment - to see how Brand Obama and Brand Romney are faring?

Conventional wisdom says most Americans ignore presidential politics until Election Day. So we were surprised to discover that among 600 of the largest consumer brands, as tracked by Bluefin Labs, Obama was the #1 most talked-about brand. The iPhone was #2 and Romney came in at #3.

Well, guess who’s moved up a notch in the two weeks since we published those rankings? Romney has taken over the #2 spot, on the heels of the GOP convention, which generated a lot of social chatter (even as TV viewership plummeted).

However, Romney is now further behind Obama than he was in the previous rankings. Obama’s lead has widened from 1. 3 million total comments to 2.1 million. And the Democratic National Convention is almost certain to give Brand Obama an additional lift.

Bear in mind that these numbers reflect the sheer volume of conversation, not the political opinions of the commenters. See our earlier post for a discussion of this and other caveats.

But as every marketer knows, in order to win people over, you first have to get their attention. The two political brands now battling for the White House have clearly accomplished that.