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Three P’s UPDATE: Last Debate a Policy Fest

PPP Udate Chart - Post Debate Three

In our previous Three P’s post, we reported that Policy has been having a nice run. Hours later, the final presidential debate took Policy’s share of the election conversation to a new high. Note the spike at the far right end of the chart.

Will this debate resonate in the coming days and keep Policy on top? We’ll take another look soon and let you know.

Meanwhile, to get a flavor of what drove this policy-fest, here are the words most frequently used in tweets and posts about the debate, listed in order of frequency. Is the social sphere just for frivolous chatter? You decide:

romney, obama, debate, mitt, president, policy, foreign, vote, america, people, back, israel, china, presidential, debates, years, iran, talking, plan, mr, question, bin, laden, bayonets, military, governor, horses, jobs, barack, teachers, bob, foot, point, voting, left, war, moderator, fact, potus, stomp, country